Web development

We do web dev here. Like, a lot of web dev. LugoCorp got started on web development for local customers, and we're excited to expand this service to a wider range of clientelle. We can design and develop front-end UIs to amaze your customers and back-end systems that keep your business running smoothly. Whether you've got a style guide or not we can help develop your brand in the digital world. Our mixed team of designers, artists and coders are ready to help you develop the website of your dreams!

Technologies Used

Shiny R
Ruby Rails

Here at LugoCorp we use a variety of technologies to bring the website of your dreams to life. Above you'll find listed a number of these technologies. If you're not familiar with any of these technologies don't worry, that's our job! We just like to let people know what our stack may look like. If you do have a preference for which technologies we use for your product then go ahead and let us know.


Tavolo Solutions

Tavolo Solutions is a partner company that specializes in UI/UX design and branding. We built their site and continue to collaborate on shared client projects. You can view their site here.

Tranzed Academy

We updated the website of a local program that gives high schoolers more flexible school/work hours and apprenticeships. You can visit the program here.

Maryland Workforce Alliance

The Maryland Workforce Alliance is a local group dedicated to creating a better job market for Marylanders. LugoCorp helped out by creating the alliance's website. You can help support their cause here.

Victor Ramirez Law, LLC

We built a brand-new website for Victor Ramirez Law, LLC. Victor Ramirez is a local attorney who helps in traffic, injury and immigration cases. You can view the site here.


We created a custom website for a local educator. She's taught at schools around the world from College Park to Nepal. You can check out her site here.


We made some updates to a website for a VR gaming startup at the University of Maryland. They're working to make a better VR gaming experience with their tanks combat game Core Disruption. Find out more here.