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Here at LugoCorp we put the client first


We're a small software company based in College Park, Maryland. We provide web and mobile development for clients while we develop software products of our own. If you need any work done just contact us using the information found at the bottom of this page. We're always looking forward to working on new problems for new clients!

At LugoCorp every employee is either a technologist, an artist or both. We believe we have the power and responsibility to change the world for the better through combining our collective talents. Whether it's migrating out-of-date industries to the digital world or developing the next generation of creative tools, people who work at LugoCorp are always making an impact.

We train local and international programmers in various languages and frameworks to boost their confidence and coding skills. We've created a team that can handle any project or problem thrown their way - whether it's web and app development or collecting and processing large data sets. You can view our various team members on the team page.



Supercharge is a Minecraft mod that speeds up the core experience. It boosts enemy spawn and drop rates, as well as ore generation.

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Cairn is a simple automated web build script. Package your PHP projects into static pages with a single command!

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Thoth is our procedural word generator framework. Its simple API allows you to generate novel, human-readable text for days on end!

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LugoCorp provides various software development and business-centric services to its customers. Below we have listed a few of our specialties. For inquiries into one of these services, please see our contact section.

Web development

LugoCorp is primarily a software development firm. We specialize in web and mobile solutions that match any of our clients' expectations. If you're interested in hiring us for web development, click below. You'll find more details on how we build our sites along with how to contact us.

Mobile development

In addition to websites, LugoCorp also designs mobile applications. We have accumulated 6 years of mobile development experience that we're excited to put to use for our clients.

Data analytics

Every industry today is fueled by data. Good business decisions are made when you can effectively analyze your market. LugoCorp has the tools and experience you need to make the smart choice.


Unfortunately it's impossible to list all of our amazing partners on the front page. That's why we built this partners page to include everyone!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.