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We're a small software company based in College Park, Maryland. Our mission is to create a more equitable, sustainable world and boost organizations with a similar mindset. The hope is that we can leave the planet in a slightly better state than when we were founded. We've provided web, mobile and cloud development for multiple organizations in the DMV area.

We've trained both local and international programmers in various languages and frameworks to boost their confidence and coding abilities. You can view some of these past and present team members on the team page. We no longer focus on contracting as a source of income, but you can still view our web development portfolio.



Lödr is a mini-library for adding load screens onto webpages. You can easily specify a background color, image and loading text to display on your web projects. The minimalist API gives you ample control over when the loading screen is dispelled.

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Moonshot is an extension language over Lua that provides several new features such as compile-time type checking and inheritance-based OOP. It allows you to work on bigger and better codebases while still leveraging Lua's speedy runtime and rich ecosystem. Moonshot is a mobile game developer's new best friend!


Budgie is a lightweight framework for arcade-style games in HTML5. It consists of both a command line tool and a library that bundles asset loading, event handling, and a sprite system.

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Unfortunately it's impossible to list all of our amazing partners on the front page. That's why we built this partners page to include everyone!


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to know more.